PLEASE NOTE: There   are   known   issues   when   viewing   PDF   files   within   some   popular   browsers,   particularly Internet Explorer 10  and 11 , and also dependent on the O.S., platform you are using. In   addition   you   may,   for   example,   have   your   computer   configured   (by   default)   to   open   a   PDF file    as    a    Microsoft®    WORD    document    or    other    text    editor,    which    may    not    display    the document as intended. If   you   are   experiencing   problems   when   viewing   a   PDF   file,   we   advise   you   to   download   a datasheet   to   your   computer   then   open   it   using   a   dedicated   PDF   viewer,   preferably   the genuine Adobe® Acrobat® reader, which is available as a free download. If   you   do   not   have   a   PDF   reader   installed   on   you   computer,   simply   click   on   the   Acrobat® logo   shown   here,   which   will   take   you   to   the   Adobe®   website   from   where   you   can   download and install the genuine Adobe® Acrobat® reader. Finally,   make   sure   you   adjust   the   default   settings   on   your   computer   to   open   PDF   files   using the Acrobat® reader, or other dedicated PDF viewer you may already have installed.
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