PLEASE NOTE:  There are known issues when viewing PDF files within some popular browsers, particularly  Internet Explorer 10 and 11, and also dependent on the O.S., platform you are using.  In addition you may, for example, have your computer configured (by default) to open a PDF  file as a Microsoft® WORD document or other text editor, which may not display the  document as intended. If you are experiencing problems when viewing a PDF file, we advise you to download a  datasheet to your computer then open it using a dedicated PDF viewer, preferably the  genuine Adobe® Acrobat® reader, which is available as a free download. If you do not have a PDF reader installed on you computer, simply click on the Acrobat®  logo shown here, which will take you to the Adobe® website from where you can download  and install the genuine Adobe® Acrobat® reader. Finally, make sure you adjust the default settings on your computer to open PDF files using  the Acrobat® reader, or other dedicated PDF viewer you may already have installed. 
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