Our genuine NXP based products support reading of MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 and MIFARE® Classic, CSN or Sector data. As with our Legic® readers, all of our MIFARE® products can support the TM125 Proximity technology, once again offering a seamless migration from older 125kHz Proximity technologies to a MIFARE® based smart card system.
Our 125kHz Proximity readers are capable of supporting:
EM variants Hitag 2 HID Prox Compatible and other widely used 125kHz Proximity technologies AWID Compatible CASI Compatible
TM125 can offer a seamless migration from older 125kHz Proximity technologies to smart card technology.
RFID technologies Advances in the RFID market inevitably keep pace with those taking place in the electronic, software and mechanical disciplines. The ever increasing threat to access security, coupled with identity theft, mandates the need for ever more secure and efficient methods of data encryption and authentication. A major aspect of the security access market was revolutionised with the advent of a credit card sized piece of plastic embedded with a passive communications chip. Several methods of using radio frequency technology became established and extensively adopted throughout the industry. This gave rise to a select few of well known brand suppliers offering RFID solutions of encryption, transmission and authentication ... the industry was born.
Using RFID to transmit data can be fraught with problems
Here at Third Millennium we take care in the way we implement RFID technology into our readers. By keeping all design disciplines in-house, we’re able to maintain a high level of integration and quality control, allowing us to offer our customers a wide choice of options to satisfy their requirements. At the heart of every Third Millennium advanced access control reader is state-of-the-art electronics delivering performance and reliability.
Legic® is one of the leading RFID technology providers in the world. Legic’s licensed Master Token administration and 3DES, with 128 AES encryption, offers one of the most secure RFID technologies on the market. Third Millennium has been a licensed partner with Legic for more than 10 years, and our Legic Advant® products support all Legic Advant ISO standards and Legic Prime®. We also support reading of Legic Access, and Kaba® Group Header. Optionally, all our Legic products can support the TM125 Proximity technology allowing a seamless migration from older 125kHz Proximity technologies to a Legic based smart card technology.
‘MIFARE’, ‘MIFARE Classic’ and ‘MIFARE DESFire EV1’ are trademarks of NXP B.V.
Prox Compatible MIFAREŽ Classic MIFAREŽ DESFireŽ EV1 MIFAREŽ Classic / EM4100 MIFAREŽ DESFireŽ EV1 Advant / Prime Advant / Prime single technologies multiple technologies Combinations of the technologies below may be incorporated in this reader, to provide a multi-format access control system.  CALL for DETAILS Each of the technologies above is available for this reader, for use in a single format access control system.
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